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Forklift Operator Job Description

A forklift operator is a person who is trained to operate a forklift or lift truck to move product and materials short distances. It is extremely important that anyone who operates these complex machines is fully trained and in many cases licensed for the job. In almost any factory, warehouse, job site or retail location a forklift will often be used. Which is why forklift operators are always in demand across North America.

Requirements for training and possible licensing for operating a forklift vary from state to state

in America so it’s important to find out what regulations are needed.

A forklift operator’s job could consist of:

     • operation of forklift equipment in a safe and careful manner

     • filling out log/maintenance books

     • use of computer and wireless scanner to keep track of products shipped

     • shipping and receiving loading truck trailers in docking area

     • organize and storage of products on pallets in warehouse

A forklift operator could be loading and unloading trailer trucks in a dock, providing raw materials

to a robot, or storing products in a warehouse. In certain jobs you may need to be handling food products or dangerous chemicals so additional training may be provided to you.