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Forklift Pre-use Checklist

Perform a walk around: inspect the forklift and check all items

that apply. If you discover unsafe items, report them to

your supervisor before using the machine.

Inspect forks and the mast are not bent, cracked or worn.

Load backrest is OK and is not missing or damaged.

Overhead guard is in place with no damage or is loose.

Check hydraulic hoses on mast for leaks or cracks.

Check battery connections are tight with covers in place.

Check engine oil (if forklift is not electric).

Check tires for inflation and excessive wear or damage. Check that the nuts are tight.

Load-rating manufactures plate is present and intact.

Warning decals are present and readable.

Seat belt or restraint is intact and not damaged.

Horn works.

Lights work.

Gauges and instruments are working.

Forks lift and lower properly and smoothly.

Mast tilts properly forward and backward.

Control levers operate properly and return to neutral.

Steering is smooth and responsive with no excessive play.

Brakes work. No fluid leaks underneath machine.

Parking break operates.

Forklift goes into forward and reverse properly.

Backup alarm sounds when engaged in reverse.

Forklift Check Illustration

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